Monday, 17 October 2011

Is it hard to change head gaskets?

hey gents, im about to buy a used toyota w/ a blown head gasket. i do not have any formal mechanic training, worth it?Is it hard to change head gaskets?Not hard if you have the right tools and knowledge.... and if you are asking, don't try to do the job yourself or buy another car.
Is it hard to change head gaskets?
Do not buy it. The top half of the motor must be disassembled to replace that gasket and the head must be machined to check for warpage. In a lot of a cases a blown head gasket means replace the motor. Do not buy it
Is it hard to change head gaskets?
yes it is ,because you have to have the head checked for cracks and warping once its removed,and if its a bad head you,ll hae to replace it,and that can run in to some money on a toyota,if you have the knowledge and patience and a good repair manual and real good selection of tools you might can do it other wise if you have to pay to get it done its going to be expensive,about 800-1000 bucks worth of repairs on that one,good luck with it.
Replacing a head gasket is no place for a rookie mechanic to start learning!

That would be like a high school baseball player trying to be starting quarterback in the Superbowl.
stay clean away from it if you don,t know what to do because it can be a task if you don,t know anything.
a head gasket is easy to do if u have the correct tools and training , if u don't i would not attempt it your self have an expert look at the car and give u advice before u buy it.
Im doing a head gasket right now. Its not as hard as you might think but it is extremely involved. I just spent a whole day scraping and cleaning. If you don't know if you like this kind of stuff then you may want to look somewhere else. You are going to need plenty of time and a Haynes manual. In fact spend a few bucks on the manual and do some reading before you buy the yota.
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